Wednesday, September 12

giving up

My heart full of hates and grudge….
Im full of nonsense…
Im a fool about my self…
Im blind in my own life….
My life simply imperfect…
I’m simply a loser….
I lose my love
I lose my life
I lose my happiness
I lose my mind
I have bunch of haters in my phone book
And simply I feel glad to know they hate me….
Life is simply simple for me
But my stupidity make it too complicated that I can’t even tie a shoe
I choose to be alone
I choose to be hurt
I choose to be called a loser
I choose to be punished
I choose to be bullied
And all that anger I have just for one
For me and no others…
Being me is like being a black sheep of the community of earth
Being me is being a bullshit
Being me is a punishment
And being me makes you an unlucky kid
Don’t you ever be me
Don’t you ever have my heart
My heart is black
My heart is full of f**cking grudge
Stay away from me
Or I’ll make you suffer like me
This is the end
A I shall gone by now
When sunset is my day
And sunrise is my night
When the coffin is my bed
And the grave is my home
Im sorry
I will fly tonight and be the one human are supposedly avoid
I shall be the vampire that shall enter the hell
The sun is rising
And I shall go now…
Goodnight and goodbye
Specially for you friend, family and love one.

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